The Michael Bass Group concentrates on select industries and geographic markets which exhibit demonstrable future demand, compelling demographic fundamentals and identifiable barriers to entry, as it aims to build or acquire properties and operating companies at discounts to underlying market values. As a result, MBG’s acquisitions hold distinct off-market opportunities for growth. Such investments are often not managed to their full potential, capital constrained, are filling an under served market, or possess structural/legal complexities.

Our deal sourcing, underwriting and structuring capabilities allow it to identify and acquire these investments which are frequently overlooked by more traditional institutions. In order to maximize risk-adjusted returns and minimize downside risk, MBG’s investment due diligence is guided by a risk mitigation underwriting process which analyzes multiple investment scenarios.


Founded in 2004, as an experienced, value-oriented private investment firm, MBG actively manages its portfolio in order to add value and capitalize on opportunities across three market-leading investment platforms:

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